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Property Valuer vs Estate Agent

 "Property Valuers and Estate Agents do the same thing; don't they?" is a question I'm commonly asked.    

In this video, Jay Warnak and I collaborated to discuss the main differences and similarities between our roles.  

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Who should you consult first - Estate Agent or Valuer?

 With the changes we've seen in the Melbourne Property Market over the past 12 months, do you know how much your property is worth?  If not, who should you consult first - Property Valuer or Estate Agent?  In this video Jay Warnak and I look at the different approaches a Valuer and Agent take and why there are sometimes differences between our conclusions.       

#dkpropertyvaluers  #swornvaluation  #independentpropertyvaluation  #taxdepreciation  #certifiedvaluer    

Why Renovating doesn't always add Value

In our second video, Jay Warnak and I discuss examples where we've seen the pitfalls of renovating a property without doing your due diligence.   

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